A re-imagination of a mixtape I never finished.

I started putting the pieces of this mix together in early 2018, and stopped after a head injury that made listening to music painful. These songs have gotten me through some of my darkest times, I hope this trip can provide you with some solace in 2020.

Re-imagined, reorganized, re-edited songs, personal recordings, voice memos, bits of books...from “before,” from now.

Recordings and music from: Amazondotcom, Ash Ra Tempel, ASMZ, Barefoot, Babyfather, Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Beat Happening, Carmen Maria Machado, CCL/Cecu, COH, Cocteau Twins, The Congos, Drome, The Durutti Column, Echium, Faye Wong, Freeway Fusion, Graham Lambkin, Jana Rush, Jake Muir, Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere, Koñca Taniec, Kelsey Lu, Kuedo, M. Geddes Gengras, Madteo, Miles Davis, Mark Van Hoen, Mark Clifford, Nat, Sky High Diamonds, Second Woman, Siete Catorce, Sun Araw, Tricky, Ulf Lohman, Vince Watson, Wilson Tanner