Earthen Sea

I started this mix with the idea that I wanted to put together a bunch of the music I listened to over the last half of last year into a few mixes that I could have for driving around in my car... I put a bunch of different tracks into a folder and the direction/vibe of this one made itself apparent to me pretty quickly...

While my intital intention was to just put a few tunes I liked together it became more of a 'statement' of sorts. Laying out the basis for my approach to soundmaking... both sonically and emotionally and touching on a few different issues/ideas I think (as an American specifically) are of utmost importance to challenge yourself with. Anyway its all pretty much laid out in the first 30 seconds or so....

  • Moodymann ft. Gil Scott Heron - Amerika
  • Witchdoctor ft. Cool Breeze - Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds)
  • Ka - You Know It's About
  • Mobb Deep - Front Lines (Hell on Earth)
  • Dettinger - Intershop 6
  • Goodie Mob ft. Andre 3000 - Thought Process
  • Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz mix)
  • Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M
  • Sammy Dread & Saddle Dread - Follow Fashion
  • Intrusion ft. Paul St. Hilaire - Little Angel
  • Ka - Peace Ahki
  • Cool Breeze - Cre-A-Tine
  • Snapp ft. K-Rino - Deth Season
  • 154 - Spirit
  • Earl Sweatshirt - Chum
  • Bookworms & Steve Summers - Unknown Number
  • Outkast ft. Cee Lo, Big Rube, Erykah Badu - Liberation