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Found tapes in Uritorco, The Hidden City of Erks


'31 minutes of dirty/granny/low fi tapes from Argentinian artists.

80's and 90's basically.

Contemporary music, experimental/electronic sounds from Buenos Aires, and some beautiful corny artists.
Everything through the filter of an old cassette record player and a very cheap microphone (made in Argentina of course) that I bought for this project some weeks ago.

Uritorco is a hill in the estate of Córdoba, here in Argentina. Was very popular in 80/90's due to UFO sightings, and the human sacrifices (sacrifices offered to the Erks).
The mix contains very different kind of artists but most are inspired by that popular belief. Also the "Reiki" theme is present.'


∙ Lito Vitale - Algo Nuevo Excerpt (Nocturno
∙ Mimilocos - NN (Edit)
∙ Alfredo Gatell - Suite para cuatro
  saxofones Excerpt (Chopped Angel Edit)
∙ Sumo - No te pongas azul (Heaven’s Gate or   Helen Kopcke Edit)
∙ Alfredo Gatell - Cándidos O.V.N.I.S.s
  (Science Digest Edit)
∙ Quum - Los 7 talismanes de Nostradamus
∙ Quum - Noe

— Interlude from the Creek —

∙ Estupendo - Medios Planos
∙ Hugo Bistolfi - Excerpt from ‘Musica para
  Reiki’ (Sierra de los Padres Edit)
∙ La Algodonera - I (Nat-Pan RQ305S Edit)
∙ La Nueva Flor - Aceptobron Unicap
  (Depression and Anxiety Voice Edit)
∙ Lito Vitale - Excerpt from ‘En Solitario’
  (Slowcore Nueva Era, Edit)
∙ Unknown - Mantra de Erks (Hill closed due
  to a mass suicide in 2012, Edit)

Art taken from Hugo Bistolfi's Valle De Los Espiritus