Honest Jons

Graveyard Mix

So I guess the idea was to bring together some music that's broadly representative of the shop: what we sell, support and distribute. It's a mixture of old an new, obscure and more widely known but more importantly, that I've found scattered around the shop over the years of being both a customer and an employee. It's rough, improvisational and I wanted to make it sound similar to when I track records for customers or even for myself when I dig for music during my breaks or at the end of the day - switching quickly between genres and styles, but that somehow still makes sense as a whole unit of music.

It was recorded at home, after digging up 12s and LP's from my collection - 2 turntables and a 2-channel mixer. Vinyl only.

Thanks to: Mark, Alan, Howard, Zaid, Will, Dan, Luke, Chris, Abu, Laurence, Budgie, Mattis, Gizmo, Jonathan.

Curated and mixed by Pietro-Barbieri-H.