Having just finished a social work masters, it felt fitting to reflect where my head’s at in the aftermath, both musically and theoretically. This mix is a stream of tempos, styles, rhythms, emotions and ideas. More than anything, I hope it can give some solace to your tiresome daily commute.

Sounds and thoughts from the likes of; Discwoman, Zam Zam Sound, Dubstep-esque Bass Wobble, Elijah and Skilliam, Photek, BFTT, Me, Honey Dijon, Neinzer, Ben Vince’s Saxophone, TTT, Tomaga, Bigga Bush, David Graber, Gaunt, Etch, Pippa Grange, Emosh Pads, Timedance.

Please be aware there is a social worker discussing suicide in the mix, for those who may find this a trigger. This quote is from research I carried out in my final year and I felt it was important to use the quote as it captures the real-life tensions and conflicts experienced within a social work role.

Here’s some reading to complement the mix as well. All part of the stream in some way x