Silent SSG


As I'm assuming is the case for most music fans, I often find myself fluctuating between moments of admiration and slight frustration with the state of new music. Admiration at new sounds I hear then, at times, frustration that sounds I want to hear aren't available. This unavailability can be due to stagnation within particular scenes or scenes just simply heading in different directions to what I'd prefer. That doesn't mean that the available music is substandard... nor does it mean I'm left bitter or unhappy either. Far from it, actually. However, it does often lead me to explore music from the past in an attempt to envision what these non-existent futures would sound like. This is a process I've done several times in the past and I often end this process by creating a "discofuture" mix in an attempt to create this imagined future... to have the past masquerading as the future.

These mixes have been made for personal use in the past but Blowing Up the Workshop has been kind enough to let me share this one with you. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Sachiko M - Don't Ask
  • Raymond Scott - The Bassline Generator
  • Michael Czajkowski - People The Sky
  • Kplr - Induction, Phase 1
  • Florian Hecker - Acid In The Style of David Tudor
  • DACM - Dehumanise
  • O.S.T. - Helyx
  • Winterkälte - The Fate of the Forest
  • Mark Lord - Killed At 13
  • Basic House - Mother's Skull
  • Nurse With Wound - Steel Dream March Of The Metal Men
  • Whitehouse - Erector
  • Enema Syringe - Därför Måste Jag Försova Mig