Kenkey Special

Kenkey Special is different in many ways from my other material. Whereas the tracks on the album (and the EPs) were often tightly harmonically and rhythmically integrated, these tracks are often more atonal and the rhythms more chaotic. There are hints of almost bebop-like phrases. Chord sequences move aimlessly to uncertain destinations...

There is a sense of disintegration and disconnection.

There is one major technical change that I've used for the first time here - phasing rhythms that aren't locked into the tempo (You can hear one example around the 33 minute mark in the high synth plinks).

The tone is distorted and uglier than before. The title came from a sign I saw in an African market (it wasn't in Africa). I didn't know what it meant at the time, but I found the words evocative, and that combined with some negative events started to shape this new material and the feel of the mix.